Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book of the week

Pictures by Andrew Joyner

Some bunnies were having a nice picnic until an apple drops in the water. But all the animals run into a bear (who thinks he's so tough) BUT HE RUNS AWAY (looks like he's not so brave!)

This is why I think it is cool:

It's funny.

It's fun when you read it.

It's fun when you read it with expression.

Great pictures

I recommend this book to preschoolers, toddlers and juniors.

written by Xanthe Maole

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Some of us have lessons and some of us go in the wave pool then we swap over.

I love the river.

I love jumping in and splashing the teacher.

Goodbye lovely Isabella

Boo Hoo....... We are saying goodbye to Isabella. We had shared lunch of hot chips, bread and sauce. Yum. Xanthe said a little speech and after a cuddle and card giving, we tucked into the kai. We will really miss you Isabella and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New website you can use at home!

At maths time we are using a new website.

It is called www.smartkidddies.com.au

Our username is bradforddoor1.
The password is count61.

Once you are in the website you can find your name, type in your password and away you go!

Book of the week

Room 4's Book of the Week...

This funny picture book is called Chester. Melanie Watts tries to write a mouse story but Chester keeps writing interruptions.
We recommend this book because... it's funny and silly story and heaps of people like it. It is real funny. everyone is sure to burst out laughing at Chester's writing interuptions. It's a good book.

by Isabella, Cameron and Salani

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our trip to see the Dinosaurs!

We went on a bus to see the Dinosaurs at the museum on Tuesday. Rob was our class trip photographer!

We lined up and went inside the museum. We meet Heather. She showed us around the dinosaur exhibit. She was very nice and she knew lots about dinosaurs.

Isabella-saurus got to make a fossil of her handprint. The sand felt really weird on her hand. It was amazing!

We made some dinosaurs out of paper. We sorted dinosaurs from non-dinosaurs. We found fossils and we all went on a dinosaur hunt. We also had lunch there.

Did you know...
tuataras weren't actually dinosaurs.
that poo can turn into fossils
dinosaurs only lived on the land and walked on the land.

Salani is discovering some fossils under the sand!

Here we are pretending to be dinosaurs who had died - we were turning into fossils!

Alyssa got attacked by another reptile - not a dinosaur though!

Dinosaur eggs!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catch up from Room 4.

We are very, very sorry that we haven't posted a blog for AGES!!! We are so busy!

First of all, we have two new people in Room 4. Their names are Kodie and Lorilee. Kodie came from Balclutha and he is 6 and he likes reading books! Lorilee came from Ravensbourne and she is 6 and she likes playing on the slide.
A big Bradford welcome to those two kids!

We have been learning about dinosaurs. Did you know that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and they all died except for the tuatara! Some dinosaurs lived under the water and some lived on the land. We are going to go to the museum next week to learn heaps more about dinosaurs.

We have been reading, painting self portraits, doing maths, learning poems, singing songs, learning about the 6 thinking hats, jump jam with room 3 and heaps more.

PHEW... we are busy bees!

Keep an eye out for a posting on 6 thinking hats and more about dinosaurs!