Saturday, May 26, 2012

Star Circle

On Friday afternoons we have Star Circle.  There are two really important things about Star Circle.  One is that we show our 5 good listening skills all the time.  The other is that we never comment or laugh at anything that our classmates say.  This helps us feel safe to share our feelings and opinions.

This week we shared how we feel when someone compliments us or says something cool about us.  We shared feelings like awesome, happy, confident, happy as and nice inside.

Check out these photos.  You can see that we are doing a superb job of showing the good listening skill of looking at the speaker.

Lindsay is passing our class mascot, Biff, to Koby.  The speaker is the person holding Biff and everyone else listens!

Dylan is sharing how that he feels awesome when someone tells him something cool about him.

Unfortunately, this week's Star of the Week wasn't here on Friday so he didn't find out that he is the next Star.  But it doesn't change the fact that this fellow is fantastic at the key competency of Relating to Others.  He speaks to friends and teachers politely and respectfully.  He shows great sportsmanship when playing games and encourages his mates.

Keep up the great attitude Isaac!

See you again soon.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Characters and wonderings

Friday was one of the busiest Fridays ever. 

It was Book Character dress up day, we had a mini expo to explore some aspects of staying healthy and we began wondering about what makes certain types of food and drink an everyday thing or a treat.

Health Expo

Room 4 joined Room 6 for some of the morning to wander around our expo.  We explored stations with information about sleep, relaxation, how much water our bodies need, how to take care of our teeth, fitness and a health website.  Room 4 explorers went around the expo with a buddy from Room 6.  We'll be doing some wondering about what we saw and heard.

Steven & Tigue are reading some information about water in different foods.  Thomas went round the expo with Krystal.

Dakota enjoyed the expo with Natasha from Room 6.  Caitlin is showing how much of her is water.  (It really is Caitlin because she lay in the box to have her outline drawn!)

Thomas & Krystal are finding out that if you don't have enough water your skin goes all dry & yukky.  Ask him what happens when you put more water back in your body. (re-hydrate)

Abby from Room 6 & Caitlin are thinking about some of the things you do that might stop you sleeping and some things you can do to help you sleep.

Josh, Annahsay & some girls from Room 6 are trying out some relaxing stretches.

Kerrianne & her buddy are looking at how water changes the amount of nutrients (food) your body gets from the food and drink you consume.

Book Character day

On Friday morning there were also a lot of strange looking characters about.  There was Spiderman, Harry Potter, Mr Twit, Zoe the fairy princess, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Russel the Sheep, Mickey Mouse,  Captain Hook and many, many more.  Not all in Room 4 but there are quite a selection of characters in Room 4.  Check us out standing up in Room 1.

You can't quite see everyone in the photos but we will be writing about the day soon so you'll be able to read all about it and see some pictures in your head!

Finally, this week's Star of the Week is a young man that has been actively demonstrating the key competency of Thinking.  He has been organising his thoughts to share them with others and thinking hard about the books he reads so that he can retell the story and understand what is happening and why.

Awesome thinking Steven!! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Autumn in the air

Our lucky year threes joined the other year 3-6 children for the Kids for Kids concert at the Regent Theatre last Wednesday night.  Here are some photos of the rehearsal and a recount of the concert.

Bradford school went to the Regent Theatre.  We went to sing with Suzanne Prentice.  We went on Wednesday.  I was hot and tired.
by Kerrianne

While they were at the rehearsal,  the year ones and twos had a huge amount of Autumn fun.  I think the photos and stories from our authors say it all. 

I threw the leaves up with Room 4 last week.  The leaves were different shapes.
by Salesi

 I am throwing leaves.  Room 4 threw up leaves.  It was fun.  The leaves were dry.
by Isaiah

The leaves are tumbling.  I am throwing the leaves with Room 4. 
by Isaac

The leaves are falling down.  The leaves are awesome.  I threw the leaves up high.
by Tom

This week's Star of the Week has such a positive attitude to his learning.

Thomas is super enthusiastic and loves to learn new things.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A "Magic" Week

Kia ora ano

Week two was such a great week.  Magic even!  Elgregoe the magician performed for the school on Tuesday.  He performed a lot of funny tricks and taught us about bullying and how important it is that we don't bully.  He also showed us some strategies for dealing with it if it does happen. 

Here are some photos and cool stories from Room 4's fabulous authors.

Cameron's Funny Song
Yesterday I went to a magician.  It was funny because Cameron had big lips with a microphone.  And I laughed so hard.  I just couldn’t stop laughing.
by Briah  

Funny Microphone
Yesterday the magician did some magic.  I loved it and it was cool.  I laughed at the microphone.  The microphone had a lip on it.
by Steven

Elgregoe the Macigian
Yesterday Bradford watched a magician.  A puppet was holding a string all by itself.  The puppet stayed still like a statue.  The magician put his hand in the puppet and made him talk. 
He had a picture of trees and a bird.  And the bird flew out of the picture.  It was all magic. 
by Caitlin

Elgregoe the Magician and Ollie the Ostrich 

Elgregoe said, “hold on to the rope” and then he did hold on to the rope.  He got a surprise.  And then he was happy.
by Lindsay 

Poor Callum
Yesterday we watched a cool magician.  He burnt Callum's shoe.  It was cool.  It was fantastic.  I laughed at the tricks.
by Kahnye

Star of the Week
The new Star of the Week is taking responsibility for his own learning.  He listens carefully to instructions and uses his initiative to solve problems.

Congratulations to:

 Ka kite ano

ps - Room 4 are rather proud of earning the Best Class trophy at assembly last week.  We'll be working really hard on showing those same "5 great listening skills" all through the week.