Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book Characters and wonderings

Friday was one of the busiest Fridays ever. 

It was Book Character dress up day, we had a mini expo to explore some aspects of staying healthy and we began wondering about what makes certain types of food and drink an everyday thing or a treat.

Health Expo

Room 4 joined Room 6 for some of the morning to wander around our expo.  We explored stations with information about sleep, relaxation, how much water our bodies need, how to take care of our teeth, fitness and a health website.  Room 4 explorers went around the expo with a buddy from Room 6.  We'll be doing some wondering about what we saw and heard.

Steven & Tigue are reading some information about water in different foods.  Thomas went round the expo with Krystal.

Dakota enjoyed the expo with Natasha from Room 6.  Caitlin is showing how much of her is water.  (It really is Caitlin because she lay in the box to have her outline drawn!)

Thomas & Krystal are finding out that if you don't have enough water your skin goes all dry & yukky.  Ask him what happens when you put more water back in your body. (re-hydrate)

Abby from Room 6 & Caitlin are thinking about some of the things you do that might stop you sleeping and some things you can do to help you sleep.

Josh, Annahsay & some girls from Room 6 are trying out some relaxing stretches.

Kerrianne & her buddy are looking at how water changes the amount of nutrients (food) your body gets from the food and drink you consume.

Book Character day

On Friday morning there were also a lot of strange looking characters about.  There was Spiderman, Harry Potter, Mr Twit, Zoe the fairy princess, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Russel the Sheep, Mickey Mouse,  Captain Hook and many, many more.  Not all in Room 4 but there are quite a selection of characters in Room 4.  Check us out standing up in Room 1.

You can't quite see everyone in the photos but we will be writing about the day soon so you'll be able to read all about it and see some pictures in your head!

Finally, this week's Star of the Week is a young man that has been actively demonstrating the key competency of Thinking.  He has been organising his thoughts to share them with others and thinking hard about the books he reads so that he can retell the story and understand what is happening and why.

Awesome thinking Steven!! 

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