Saturday, May 26, 2012

Star Circle

On Friday afternoons we have Star Circle.  There are two really important things about Star Circle.  One is that we show our 5 good listening skills all the time.  The other is that we never comment or laugh at anything that our classmates say.  This helps us feel safe to share our feelings and opinions.

This week we shared how we feel when someone compliments us or says something cool about us.  We shared feelings like awesome, happy, confident, happy as and nice inside.

Check out these photos.  You can see that we are doing a superb job of showing the good listening skill of looking at the speaker.

Lindsay is passing our class mascot, Biff, to Koby.  The speaker is the person holding Biff and everyone else listens!

Dylan is sharing how that he feels awesome when someone tells him something cool about him.

Unfortunately, this week's Star of the Week wasn't here on Friday so he didn't find out that he is the next Star.  But it doesn't change the fact that this fellow is fantastic at the key competency of Relating to Others.  He speaks to friends and teachers politely and respectfully.  He shows great sportsmanship when playing games and encourages his mates.

Keep up the great attitude Isaac!

See you again soon.

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  1. I was really impressed Room 4 when I walked through during your Star Circle time at the way you were all listening to each other soooooo well!
    Well done to Isaac for showing he is able to relate to others so well - perhaps he is one of the great active listeners at Star Circle each week.
    Mrs M.B.