Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bits & Pieces from Week 6

We had an awfully busy week last week.  On Wednesday we said a final "Farewell" to Annashay.  She and her family are on their way to the Gold Coast to live.  We hope you enjoy the trip and find a really great school when you get there.  We'll be thinking of you this week when it snows in Dunedin!

During our reading sessions in Room 4, we have some tasks we have to do and some we can choose to do.  Here are some photos of some of us enjoying various ways to extend our reading skills.

Kerrianne and Nika are playing Battleship.  This game helps readers to read phrases (groups of words) easily and fluently.  It's a lot of fun.

Thomas and Caleb are enjoying some of the activities that go with our story of the week on Sunshine Online.  It's especially fun on the Active Board!

Dylan, Lindsay and Sora are enjoying Sunshine Online too.  

On Friday we had an ABC (That's an Awesome Behaviour Celebration)  We got to choose from a range of activities and games for half an hour.  Plus we got to enjoy a lollipop!  

Steven, Matthew, Caleb and Isaiah are playing Shuffleball.  You have to be really accurate when rolling the ball along the board.  Isaiah was really tricky and managed to shuffle one ball into another and push it into the next point zone!!

Finally, here's our new Star of the Week.  She has a fabulous 'can do' attitude and is really rocking Room 4 with her determination.

You Rock Kerrianne!

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