Sunday, June 24, 2012

The best thing about Star Circle is ...

Friday was a very busy and slightly strange day at Bradford.  Most of the students and even some of the teachers came to school in their pajamas! No, we didn't have a memory lapse and forget to get dressed.  It was part of our BVD (Bradford Values Day)  This is another way of celebrating awesome behaviour and students in the top level in their class were able to participate.  In Room 4 that means being on the green traffic light.

Being on the green traffic light means we've been honest, polite, including others, showing 5 great listening skills and following instructions straight away. 

The other part of the celebration involved spending about an hour playing and enjoying a huge variety of board games brought from home.  Room 4 certainly looks like they are having fun!

Star Circle
We had a good think about Star Circle on Friday.  We shared a lot of different things that we like about Star Circle and and some points that we don't like so much.

Some of the best things about Star Circle are:

  • The games 
  • Finding out who is Star of the Week
  • That everyone listens to what I say
  • Being the Star of the Week
  • That it's all fun 

Some things we don't like so much about Star Circle are:

  • Not being the Star of the Week
  • Having to sit still
We had a discussion about how we could solve the problem of sitting still.  There were a couple of suggestions and we discussed the good points and bad points of those.  So now Mrs B has some useful information for future classes.  

"Yay, thanks Room 4!" 

Speaking of the Star of the Week, here's the latest one.

He's been displaying the Key Competency of Managing Self and taking responsibility for his own learning.  Especially in reading and writing.  Three cheers for ...


Watch out next week for some photos of cool things in the last week of the term.
Bye for now.

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