Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Wonky Donkey and other interesting things.

Another famous author visited Bradford last week.  This time it was Craig Smith, the author of The Wonky Donkey and Willbee the Bumblebee.  He sang some really funny songs as well as singing along to these two very funny books.  We helped him out and joined in for some of them.  

We got a sneak preview of his new story Kaha the Kea.  Summer from Room 3 was very lucky and got to show us Kaha  while Craig sang us the story.  

During this song we had to make all kinds of movements and funny faces then freeze.  Some of us have some very funny expressions!

Counting in Tens

Ngā porowhita kōwhai (The Yellow Circles) maths group has been learning about place value by counting in tens.  Kahnye the photographer got some good shots on Thursday of maths buddies showing off some new skills.  Here's a photo showing how they were doing it.

Isaiah pointed to a 2 digit number.  Nika and Josh collected that many beans.  This number is 50 so there are 5 containers of 10 beans.

Talking Tins

Yes - you read correctly.  Tins that talk.  They have all sorts of uses.  This week one of the writing groups used them to record ONE idea at a time before they wrote it in their books.  
You record the sentence then you can play it back as many times as you need to write the sentence. After you have written the sentence, you check that it has a beginning capital letter and a full stop.  The dolphins wrote some awesome stories last week.  The sharks will get to use the talking tins this coming week too.

Caleb and Sora loved using the talking tins.

Star of the Week

This week's star has great self management skills.  He often likes to work and learn by himself.  
This year he has been developing his abilities to enjoy working with a small group and now he rather likes it!  He's also really good at encouraging others to participate. 

Tigue - a star at relating to others.  

Don't tell anyone, but there are only two more weeks in Term 2.   Shhh!

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