Sunday, June 10, 2012

All sorts of fun.

Welcome to Week 7's blog entry.  There were so many visitors at Bradford last week.

We had a visit from Kyle Mewburn.  A really, really cool author who wrote the books Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck, Hill & Hole, Duck is Stuck, Ants Pants and some other funny books.  He was hilarious!  He also shared about how he writes books.  One of the most important things is to have lots of ideas in your head and another is to keep working on a story until it is the best it can be.

We also had a visit from some student dental therapists.  Whew, those are big words!  There was a furry fellow with big ears there as well.  They talked to us about how to brush our teeth properly and reminded us to do it twice every day.  After breakfast and before bed are great times to brush your teeth.

Gracie from Room 3, Isaiah and Tom helped out by being dressed up as a dental therapist and a patient.   

Gracie wasn't too keen about putting the mask over her mouth and nose so Tom helped her encouraged her by doing it first.  Thanks Tom!

Check out the cool dark glasses that protect Isaiah's eyes.

Dr Brushwell was rather keen on hugs!

They also helped us out with some 'wonderings' we had about mouths and teeth and toothpaste.  Briah wondered how teeth get wiggly.  Here's what one of the therapists shared with Briah and the rest of us. 

The root of each baby tooth slowly disappears as the adult tooth starts growing deep down in the gums.  When there is no more root to hold it in the right place, it wiggles all the way out!  Then the adult tooth grows up in the same spot. 

Maths in action in Room 4

Luke and Tigue are learning how to use pairs of numbers that add to 10 to add up lots and lots of numbers.

Salesi and Briah are identifying 3 digit numbers by s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g the hundreds, tens and ones out.

Nika, Josh & Kahnye are playing 'Shoot' to help them instantly recall basic facts.  You have to be really quick to get to keep the card when these two are playing!

Lastly, here is Room 4's latest Star of the Week.  She is a star at the Key Competency of Thinking. 

Caitlin has been using great thinking skills in her writing and her questioning.  Go Caitlin!!

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