Saturday, February 6, 2010

What are YOU looking forward to this year????

I am looking forward to …

· Swimming – Antonia, Paris, Kalayias, Jack, Grace, Briana, Alyssa. C and Salani.

· Going to Moana pool – Josiah

· Going to the Butterfly House, I wonder if we are going to the Otago Museum. – Jayden

· Going to the Warehouse to buy a Nerf gun. Rob

· I want to go to the Butterfly house. Callum

· Getting better at my reading. Ethan

· Sausage sizzles and reading. Paolo

· I can’t wait till the sausage sizzles! Campbell

· Swimming, sausages sizzles and maths. Cameron

· Playing at school. Darrin

· My new teacher and learning more stuff, making some friends and trips as well. Xanthe

· Learning everything at school. Alyssa W

· Going to see the All Blacks and to the pool. Charlie

· Swimming lessons and spending the year with the wonderful Miss Little. Isabella (truly, she did write that down!!!)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kia ora from Room 4!

Hi everyone! We are back and rearing to go!
We have had a good look around the school and our new classroom. We have got three new Bradford people in our room and think they are great! Welcome to Charlie, Kalayias and Paris!

We loved looking round the new adventure playground and then Miss Little wanted to see if the peas were ready in the garden and yes...they were!

Make sure you come and read our blog every week - we are going to have something new on the blog, telling you what we have been up to and showing you our gorgeous photos and work.

Have a great week everyone!