Saturday, February 6, 2010

What are YOU looking forward to this year????

I am looking forward to …

· Swimming – Antonia, Paris, Kalayias, Jack, Grace, Briana, Alyssa. C and Salani.

· Going to Moana pool – Josiah

· Going to the Butterfly House, I wonder if we are going to the Otago Museum. – Jayden

· Going to the Warehouse to buy a Nerf gun. Rob

· I want to go to the Butterfly house. Callum

· Getting better at my reading. Ethan

· Sausage sizzles and reading. Paolo

· I can’t wait till the sausage sizzles! Campbell

· Swimming, sausages sizzles and maths. Cameron

· Playing at school. Darrin

· My new teacher and learning more stuff, making some friends and trips as well. Xanthe

· Learning everything at school. Alyssa W

· Going to see the All Blacks and to the pool. Charlie

· Swimming lessons and spending the year with the wonderful Miss Little. Isabella (truly, she did write that down!!!)


  1. Wow you guys are looking forward to heaps of cool stuff. Swimming and a visit to the Butterfly house sounds great. I am looking forward to reading all about you on your blog.
    Michelle (Callum's mum) :)

  2. What great things to look forward to Room 4. Charlie, are the All Blacks coming to Bradford School? Mrs. Tobin and Marie will be pleased if they do! Ms D-R x

  3. Looking forward to hearing your new stories Room 4! Ms. D