Monday, June 27, 2011

Thinking Creatively

This week we are focussing on thinking creatively. This means trying to look at solving problems from different angles, giving as many interesting solutions as possible!

We put on our green thinking hat to brainstorm what this shape might be...

a plate
an egg
a target
a tyre
a ball
a mexican wearing a sombrero from a birds eye view
a swimming pool
a frisbee
a roundabout
a nest
a steering wheel
a ring
the sun
a fried egg
a donut
a tutu
a toilet seat
a hula hoop
number zero
a cracked egg
a wheel

Monday, June 20, 2011

Behaving Responsibly.

This week we are learning to behave responsibly. We did lots of talking about what that means and the kinds of things we would do if we were doing it!

We think it means
  • picking up rubbish
  • listening to others and the teacher
  • follow instructions
  • use nice words with each other
  • share things, equipment, sports equipment
  • help each other if we are hurt or just need help
  • do the right thing
  • put things away if we find them
Brayden and Lorilee used our flip video to record what some of us are going to be working on this week!

After trying to get videos on - we are giving up for the time being and Ms Little will go home and figure out why it's not working!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Paolo, Darrin and Charlie have been practicing this readers theater this week. They have worked hard to speak clearly, with good volume and expression and pace.
They used garageband to record themselves!