Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dress up day

Today it is dress up day. We had a big parade. Miss Little dressed up as the PaperBag Princess. I dressed up as Winnie the Witch me and Cameron won for Being the Best dressed character. I like dress up day because normally I don't get to dress up and wear makeup on myself and make myself look really silly.

by Salani

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Room 4 Blog!

We have begun a new blog folks. It is a place the kids in Room 4 can share their writing with the whole wide world, all by themselves.
The children open up the blog and write straight into the blog and then publish it - all on their lone-somes!
Aren't they clever!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Book Fair

We have a book fair all week. There Are A Lot Of Books. There are Junior Fiction books and

picture books it is in room1 On Thursday it is fish and chips night. You can win some prizes. On Friday it is dress up day. You can dress up as an author who wrote stories or your favourite book character.

I hope you buy some books.

written by Callum

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Rainforest Adventure

Today we visited a rainforest - right here in Dunedin!
It was in the Otago Museum - Butterfly House.

These words describe how we felt about it...
awesome, exciting, great, happy, wonderful, fun, brilliant, amazing hot, puzzled, interested...

We loved... the butterflies, Discovery World, the bright green gecko, the little birds, the turtles, the waterfall, the tarantulas, the owl butterfly, the musuem trail.

We learned...

Trees can make sugar.
The butterfly life cycle.
Tarantulas shed their skin once a year.
About the food chain in the rainforest.
Butterflies are brightly colour to scare off predators and look like they are poisonous.
How a tree works. They have food pipes and water pipes to help the food and water get up to the leaves. They can breathe in and out air and even water.
The gecko is bright green to blend in.
A butterfly eats with it's proboscis.

Here is the bright green gecko we were lucky enough to see!

Miss Little was a bit scared and surprised when this Owl butterfly landed on her head!

We had a really good look at the tarantula's shredded skin - very cool!