Friday, November 9, 2012

The beginning of the garden

You might be a wee bit curious as to why Room 4's students have been wandering in to school with shoebox lids and stones.  Well, it's all to do with telling our stories.  Room 4 is planning a special garden for our Bradford community to share so today we enjoyed planning our own mini gardens.  

These are just part of the planning stage and there is so much yet to happen as we design the big garden with some extra special artistic features.  Have a wee peek to satisfy your curiosity and don't forget to come back on the 28th for the unveiling of the finished garden.

There are some lovely calm ripples in Kerrianne's garden.

Salesi explored some symmetrical spiral patterns in his garden.

Lindsay used symmetry too.  Her spirals look a little like the koru shape of the emerging fern.