Monday, July 2, 2012


Winnie the Pooh's good friend, Tigger,  is (slightly) famous for saying TTFN.  
(Ta Ta For Now)

There were some fabulously great times this last week and a few sad ones as well.  Week ten was Mrs B's last week teaching Room 4, (sad) but we got to meet Ms Little who is Room 4's resident teacher (exciting).  

We had a fun last week in Room 4.  Katrin McMullan told us many interesting stories of the legend of Matariki.  We really loved the story about the Star Fishes.

The little star fishes didn't listen to their parent's good advice and got caught in the net.  A bit of a lesson for all of us really!!

In Room 4, we enjoyed reading the ANZAC Biscuit Man again and had a load of fun with ANZAC biscuit related learning.  We did some drama and put ourselves in the place of the ANZAC Biscuit Man.  We tried to imagine what he might have been thinking as he ran away from the old man, old woman, horse and cow. We came up with some interesting thoughts.  Especially when we wondered what he thought as he realised he HADN'T thought when he leaped on the kunekune pig's back!!

We did some dramatic warm ups before getting started on our thoughts.  In this photo we are passing an imaginary feather around the circle.

Lindsay is holding the feather carefully between her finger and thumb and Koby is watching carefully so he can take it without dropping it.

 We used stencils and the painting technique 'scumbling' to paint our ANZAC Biscuit Men on Wednesday.

We mixed our own shades of brown using dark brown, white and yellow and had to use teamwork to make sure our stencils stayed in place while we 'scumbled'.

On Thursday we painted the Jaffa eyes, Hokey Pokey buttons and a mouth on them.  They are now in Room 4 with our speech bubbles so pop in and take a look sometime.

We also made some real ANZAC biscuits. (A very big thank you to Leanne, the Teacher Aide of the year.) Yummy!

So this is the TTFN bit from Mrs B

Room 4 - you have been a fabulous class and I'm sure you will continue to be a fabulous class for the fabulous Ms Little.  I've got many great memories of your smiley faces and I am very proud of how you have thought hard, worked hard and made great progress.  I'll miss you heaps but this is not haere ra, (goodbye, I'm off) but ka kite ano (see you again)

Ka kite ano!!!

Mrs B 


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