Sunday, July 22, 2012

Room 4 Measures Up!

I was awfully pleased to be back with the darling kids in Room 4 too.  Yay!

We had a lot of fun measuring teddy bears and many other friends, including a pony, tiger and even a giant ladybug!  There were big bears, little bears, fat bears, skinny bears, bears that stood up tall and bears that crawled.

We put the bears into different categories to start with.  Tall bears, medium height bears and short bears.  In small groups we ordered the bears according to different attributes such as height, arm length and nose size. 

Dakota's ladybug is much taller than Josh's policeman bear and Caitlin's crawling bear when they are like this.

But Josh was keen to point out that Policeman bear was taller when ladybug was standing like this.

Then we drew outlines of our bears onto paper and measured them using cubes.  

Thomas's bear was nearly 7 cubes wide.

Some bears were quite short but some were much, much taller.  Check out Kerrianne's bear.

Snowy was rather tall.  How many cubes do you think she used?

We learned THREE very IMPORTANT things about measuring.  

  1. You must use the same unit for the whole measurement.  This means you can't start measuring how tall your teddy is with cubes then suddenly use a pencil as well.
  2. You need to start at the start.  Don't have the unit hanging over the end of the object you are trying measure!
  3. You need to put the units end to end.  No gaps! 
We put our measurement knowledge to good use and measured some of us.  We decided that using cubes to measure ourselves would take ages so we used orange rods instead.  You can check out the full size outline of Luke in the stairwell to see just how many rods tall he is.  You'll find some photos of others with their outlines too.

Have a great week Room 4 - I'll see you on Friday
: )    Mrs B

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