Saturday, May 5, 2012

A "Magic" Week

Kia ora ano

Week two was such a great week.  Magic even!  Elgregoe the magician performed for the school on Tuesday.  He performed a lot of funny tricks and taught us about bullying and how important it is that we don't bully.  He also showed us some strategies for dealing with it if it does happen. 

Here are some photos and cool stories from Room 4's fabulous authors.

Cameron's Funny Song
Yesterday I went to a magician.  It was funny because Cameron had big lips with a microphone.  And I laughed so hard.  I just couldn’t stop laughing.
by Briah  

Funny Microphone
Yesterday the magician did some magic.  I loved it and it was cool.  I laughed at the microphone.  The microphone had a lip on it.
by Steven

Elgregoe the Macigian
Yesterday Bradford watched a magician.  A puppet was holding a string all by itself.  The puppet stayed still like a statue.  The magician put his hand in the puppet and made him talk. 
He had a picture of trees and a bird.  And the bird flew out of the picture.  It was all magic. 
by Caitlin

Elgregoe the Magician and Ollie the Ostrich 

Elgregoe said, “hold on to the rope” and then he did hold on to the rope.  He got a surprise.  And then he was happy.
by Lindsay 

Poor Callum
Yesterday we watched a cool magician.  He burnt Callum's shoe.  It was cool.  It was fantastic.  I laughed at the tricks.
by Kahnye

Star of the Week
The new Star of the Week is taking responsibility for his own learning.  He listens carefully to instructions and uses his initiative to solve problems.

Congratulations to:

 Ka kite ano

ps - Room 4 are rather proud of earning the Best Class trophy at assembly last week.  We'll be working really hard on showing those same "5 great listening skills" all through the week.

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