Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welcome back to Room 4

Welcome back to all the readers of the Fantastic Room 4 blog.  We had fabulous holidays and we've settled in again really well. 

We've got a Wonderful Writers Window in Room 4 now.  Already, we've begun to work on our new writing goals and, oh my goodness, we've written some amazing stories this week.  Really good examples of our writing, where we've met our goals, might appear in the window for everyone to read and celebrate.  Really super writing might just be displayed in the foyer so keep a look out there.

Here's a story to whet your appetite.

How Funny – by Nika 
On Sunday I went to the park and my hat blew off.  The wind blew it in the tree.  I laughed.  It was just an old hat.

Healthy Me - Healthy Us

We've started finding out about things we might be able to change to make sure we stay healthy.  We started thinking about fruit and vegetables with some fun riddles.

Here's a couple - see if you can work them out.

I have a hard green skin that you can't eat.
I have lots of water inside.
I have many black or white seeds inside.
Most of my inside is pink.

I am green.
I am yummy in a stir-fry.
I grow above the ground.
I look like a little tree.

Check out the serious thinking going on in these photos as we work out the mystery fruit and vegetables!

On Friday morning we had a really good look through our lunchboxes.  We had some categories of different foods that might be in the lunchboxes and made tally charts of how many of each food item was in Room 4's lunch.

This week we will be graphing the totals and making some observations of our findings so we can work out what our next steps will be.

The first Star of the Week for term 2 is putting a lot of effort into the key competency of "Using language, symbols and text".  We're all very proud of ...

Sora.  He has been working really hard with his reading, writing, spelling and maths.  Go Sora!!

Come back and see what we find out about our lunchboxes and read some more great writing.  

Just in case you didn't work it out - here are the answers to the riddles.

1 - Watermelon
2 - Broccoli


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