Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A bit of sad news ...

We were all very sad to find out that Spongebob died last week.  Spongebob is one of the goldfish just in case you were a bit worried.  Bubbles looks a little lonely but we'll make a point of saying hello regularly.

Those of us on the green traffic light on the last Monday of term were able to participate in the school wide BVD excitement.  That's a Bradford Values Day.  This term we had a water fight on Tuesday afternoon.  It was a BEAUTIFUL sunny afternoon and we had a hugely fun half hour.

Finally, the last Star of the Week for term 1.  This week's star is really good with the key competency of Participating and Contributing.  She is particularly good at helping and supporting her peers, especially the younger ones, and has the knack of helping without taking over.

Annashay only came to back to Bradford part way through this term.  She & her family are heading to Australia and we're really pleased Annashay is spending a few months with us in Room 4.  Well done Annashay!

Have a great holiday everybody.  See you again soon.

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