Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Natty Narratives!

We have been learning how to write proper stories. This type of writing is called a Narrative. You need to have a title, some characters, a setting, a great beginning, a middle and an ending.

This week we have been working on making our first sentences really interesting and having a good beginning, middle and end to our writing.

We used this picture to come up with some ideas for our writing this week.

The Seeker.
Written by Ethan.

It was a hot day in the Castle of Rome. The castle was magical. It had wizards but one wizard betrayed the Romans. The people ran and ran. They were terrified but there was a hero to save the world. He was the Seeker.
The Seeker had a weakness. His dragon was evil now but he had a plan.
He went to the forest and found an army and went back to the castle and saved the world. The they lived happily ever after.

The Key to the Dragon.
Written by Rob

A dragon was flying home. The a boy showed up and the dragon said,
"Why are you so sad little boy?"
"I am the lowest in my school."
"Jump up on me. I can fly higher than the moon and you can come with me on a hunt for treasures."
The boy jumped on the dragon and he flew over the boy's house and looked for treasure. They flew to the dragon's home and told his Mum about the treasure. They found in on a rock. It was a trap and the dragon was trapped.
The dragon tried to get out but he could not get out with all his might but still he could not get out and was killed.
The boy got out safe and went back to the dragon's Mum's home and told his Mum. She cried and cried. The boy was sad and left.

The Legends of the Guardians.
Written by Salani

One day Toto and Nick were out by the lake when there was a big explosion. Toto flew with Nick as fast as he could go. The sky was fiery yellow and misty. The mischievous dragon hunters did the explosion. They wanted Toto but Nick didn't let them take him. Toto was his best friend.
nick took Toto to a land where people loved dragons. There were heaps of dragons. It was a place where the dragon hunters couldn't find Toto and the other dragons.
Toto and Nick bought a house where the could both fit.
They never saw the dragon hunters ever again.

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  1. Loving these stories Room 4. I especially like that they have a beginning, middle and end. I also like the way you've all used lots of different sentence beginnings. You are definitely writing interesting stories because I wanted to read some more!

    See you Friday to finish our bugs. Mrs B :)