Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Goal for the week

Our Goal for the week this week is Helping and supporting others!

We decided that we can do this by...

encouraging others by telling them they can do it if they keep trying

saying nice things, things that are positive like "nice job"

find lost things if someone has lost them

offer to play with people who don't have anyone to play with

help people if they fell over or are hurt

compliment each other

help others do hard things in the classroom if they are easy for you

We also talked about how it feels when someone helps you..

When someone helps you, you feel nice, safe, happy, good great, you know you have friends.

And when you help someone else, it makes you feel great too, it is great to feel helpful!


  1. Hi Room 4. I hope your Goal of the week is going well and you are all helping and supporting each other? It's great to see more comments on your blog too! Enjoy your week
    Michelle (Callum's mum) :o)

  2. Andrew Knight (school council)May 29, 2011 at 6:49 PM

    Hi rm4
    Sorry RM6 Cheated on the $100 comp.
    (for parents only to comment)
    Good Luck.
    You still have a chance.
    Bye Bye :p

  3. great goals! you are helpful, kind children. Kelli

  4. What a great idea! maybe I should try to do this at my work. Kelli Bell

  5. Room 4 you have some super ideas to help remind you to be all those great things that make you great Bradford kids! Kelli Bell

  6. Have a nice day tomorrow room 4. Kelli

  7. great goals room 4. from Michele Reeves (Grace's Aunty M)