Saturday, September 29, 2012

An electric last day in Term 3

There was an awful lot happening last Friday. Hopefully you were able to come and see us wearing our kabuto hats and waving our koi carb kites at the cultural expo.  Some of us were wearing Kimonos too and we looked particularly gorgeous! Unfortunately, with all the excitement, we forgot to take any photos.  Oooops, sorry!  But here are a couple of photos taken while we were creating the hats and kites.

We were so very lucky that Miho was able to bring some kimonos for some of us to wear but, of course, there were many of us that weren't able to wear one.  Steven had learned so much about kimonos when he researched Japanese clothing so Miho very kindly brought a kimono today for Steven to try on. 

He looks pretty cool!  Sora used his expert knowledge to help Steven get dressed.  Thanks Sora.
The electric part of the day happened after lunch.  We learned why birds can stand on high voltage power cables without getting zapped and we learned about how static electricity attracts and repels things.  (Attract means to make something come nearer and repel means to make something move away)  

Then ...

We had a huge amount of fun creating lots of static electricity ourselves.  We wondered if our new hair styles would attract lots of attention as we left school!!

We managed to create so much static electricity that we made the balloons stick to our hair by themselves!

It looks like Lindsay is being pushed over by the balloon!

"Caleb, there seems to be something stuck to your head!"

"Goodness me Tom, your hair seems to have grabbed your balloon!"

Salesi had a little knot in his hair after all the static electricity got to it.

Briah's balloon is staying on the narrow ledge by itself.

Luke's balloon is stuck too AND it is glowing because the sun is shining through it. Cool!
See you again next term.

Room 4.

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  1. Kia Ora Room 4,
    We learnt so much from you all at the Cultural Learning Expo.
    Some of your displays are up in the foyer for everyone to continue to find out more about Japan.
    I wonder if you can share your expert knowledge with me of origami? Maybe you could create a learning station with instructions and paper of how to make an origami piece down in the foyer for others to have a go at?
    Mrs M.B.