Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Creating Gorgeous Korowai

Scroll down, really quickly, to the bottom of this post to see the first post about our trip to the art gallery.  Then come back and check this one out too.

Just like our beautiful mural, we're not sharing the final pictures of the korowai.  We want you to get a surprise when you see them at our fabulous art exhibition!

We used the legends we heard and acted out to inspire our fabulous korowai.  Here are photos of the first stages.

Josh put his learning about New Zealand's geography from last term to good use alongside today's legends. 

Charlotte acted the part of Maui's scary grandmother in the legend and this inspired her artwork.

Ms Little and Josh had a great discussion about the detail Josh had drawn on the face.

I wouldn't want to be in the path of Isaac's volcano. It looks very fiery and explosive!

This is the next stage in the process... shhh... don't tell anyone!!

Put Wednesday the 28th of November in your diaries now so you can come and see the gorgeous finished korowai at Bradford's Community Art Exhibition.

Ka kite ano

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  1. Wow room 4! I'm getting very excited about the art exhibition. I can't wait to see your beautiful korowai. I think they may share a message about the legend you heard at the art gallery? I wonder if I am right?
    Mr M.B.