Sunday, March 25, 2012

Swimming stories and a bit more time.

The fabulous authors in Room 4 have been busy writing about swimming.  Read some of our stories here.

I love swimming.  I like swimming on my back.  I don't like swimming on a board.  
by Annashay

I am splashing in the pool.  I am jumping in the pool.  I am swimming in the pool.
by Sora

I am splashing everybody.  I like to float in the pool.  I like to flip.
by Josh

Plus a story that Luke wrote a couple of weeks ago.  He put some interesting detail in it.  
I am doing athletics.  I won a medal.  I was happy.  It was a second place medal.  I got to go on the podium to get the medal.
by Luke   

We've been working really hard on telling the time using an analogue clock.  That's a clock with hands that go round.  This week we started working out how to show the same time on a digital clock and even how to start with the time on the digital clock and make the analogue clock show the same time. 

It's a bit tricky.  Especially half past twelve.  If you're reading this at home, you can help by getting us to work out the time ourselves.  Most of us are pretty good at O'Clock now but we could use some help with Half Past.  Some of us are even working on quarter past and quarter to the hour.  If you remind us to count in fives, we can work out other times too. 

Here are a few photos of some of us using the new talking tins to tell us what time to show our buddy. 

Sora pushed the button on the talking tin and Kahnye will show him the time and see if he agrees. 

The message said, "Show me half past eight."  Excellent work team.

Luke isn't a talking tin and didn't have a button to press!  He showed groups a time on the clock and the team had to work it out.  The big hand is on the six, so it's half past something.  The little hand is just past the 10 so it must be ...  Yes!!  Tom got it right.  It's half past 10.

Dakota and Caleb worked out that their message said, "Show me half past three."  Well done team!
Values focus ...
We're continuing with the same values focus this coming week.  "Respecting our environment by putting rubbish in the bin and tidying up our belongings."

See you all again soon. 

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  1. Wow! You guys are so clever telling the time. I'm pleased the talking tins are being put to good use and it's great to see you all working in teams to help each other solve time problems. Sounds like you are all becoming experts!
    Mrs M.B. :-)