Saturday, March 3, 2012

An obstacle course, a zebra and the school cross-country race

Another busy week in Room 4

It was Walk & Wheel week during week 5.  Lots and lots of Bradford students walked or scooted to school last week.  Many of them managed to do this EVERY day so they will be in the draw for some cool prizes.  On Wednesday some seniors helped Mrs B set up an obstacle course for scooter riders. 

Here are some of Room 4 scooting around the court.

Annashay who returned to Bradford just last Tuesday.  Great timing Annahsay - just in time for the obstacle course!

Friday was incredible busy.  There was a zebra at the gate to meet us in the morning.  Strider came to give all the active walkers and wheelers an extra big hello.  He had a really soft face and enormously big, white teeth.

Salesi and his brother saying "Good Morning" to Strider

Dylan gave Strider a big hug.

Thomas & Kerrianne stopped for a photo with Strider and some girls from Room 3 and Room 6.

Friday afternoon was all about the cross-country race.  Room 4 had representatives in 2 categories because most of us ran the Year 1 & 2 race.  But some of us ran the, even longer, Year 3 & 4 race.  An especially well done to those Year 3s. 

I'm really proud of all of you in Room 4.  You all ran so much faster than when we first started to practise the course.  Room 4 rocks!!!   Mrs B

Our Year 3 boy coming second in the Year 3 & 4 race.  Well done Luke!

Caitlin (middle) who came third and Briah (right) who came second in the girls section of the Year 3 & 4 race. 

Tigue (left) ran a great race.

The Year 1 & 2 runners take off.

Isaiah took first place in the boys year 1 & 2 race.

Second place - Salesi.  

Dylan was third with Matthew a close fourth.

Nika was first in the girls year 1 & 2 race.  Baylee was second and Lindsay came a close third.  


Some more hard working runners from Room 4.  Tino pai tamariki.

Our new Star of the Week is ...

Someone who has a 'can do' attitude.  She gives everything a go and does it with a smile.

Congratulations Dakota!!!

Rocky Shore Beach Trip this coming Friday 9 March.  

We'll be leaving school sharply at 9am to get to Warrington in time for the low tide so make sure you get to school by 8.45 because the bell will go at 8.50!!!!   

See you there.

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