Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sorting it all out

Our trip to the aquarium was FANTASTIC!  We saw all sorts of amazing creatures with some very strange features.  Room 3 and 4 mixed up and split into 2 groups to check out the touch tanks and to learn about how scientists sort and classify creatures according to their features.

We saw crustaceans (animals with crusty outsides and jointed legs)

Isaiah takes a close look at a crab that is trying to escape!

We saw molluscs.  They have a shell and ONE big sucker foot.

The yellow team classified the cats eye snail as a mollusc pretty quickly.  Here you can see Tigue, Luke & Isaac thinking really hard about this tricky animal.  It was a mollusc but the hard shell was hidden under a soft black coat.  Tricky indeed!
The orange team was looking for echinoderms.  (Pronounced ee-kine-o-derm)  These animals are tube feeders and have spiny skins.

Charlotte, Caleb, Kahnye & Josh are inspecting the underside of a sea star to check out the tiny feeding tubes.
Dakota (& Maka from Room 3) have a close look at the sea star's belly.

The touch tanks were very, very cool.  Here are a lot of very interested, potential marine scientists checking out the array of creatures.

Check out the GIANT sea star!

Come back and have another peek at the blog in a couple of days.  The authors in Room 4 have written some awesome aquarium stories.

Speaking of stars.  Here's the new Star of the Week.

A young lady that is great at Managing Self.  She takes responsibility for her own learning and is a ready and willing encourager of other learners too.

Way to go ..... Briah!!!!

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  1. Wow! Room 4 will be experts at our Rocky Shore Day next week. You'll be able to look for all those creatures that you learnt about at the aquarium.
    I love seeing the photos of your visit, you all look like scientists.
    Looking forward to the Cross Country tomorrow. You can all feel very proud of yourselves for doing your best. I think when I was in Room 4 today, you all sounded like you are really enjoying running and I think everyone thought they had got better at it over the last few weeks.
    Hope the weather is good for us!
    Mrs M.B.