Saturday, February 11, 2012

Busy, busy Week Two ...

Room 4 has had such an awesome week.  We've been visiting learning some fabulous new maths games, reading a big book about a boy that had to 'Keep Trying' to get the hang of new things, visiting Harold the Giraffe, painting portraits and getting the hang of the course for our school cross country race.

Luke adds to the train to Heart Central in Harold's mobile classroom.

Harold whispering to Richard.

On Friday morning some of us played charades and tried to guess what actions we were showing.  The were all things that we had to Keep Trying to get good at.  Some of them, like learning to tie our shoelaces we are still trying.  We'll Keep Trying until we can do them.

Isaac's action was writing his name.  It was a bit tricky to get the answer just right but he gave us a really helpful clue.

This week's Star of the Week is someone that has been trying a lot of new things. He's getting better and better at taking responsibility for himself and his learning.  A big round of applause for ...

... Koby. 
 Tino pai Koby.  Keep it up my friend!  

Ka kite ano

from the Fantastic Room Four.

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  1. Hi Room 4, I look forward to reading all about the activities you will get up to this year and I really love to see the photos you put up. Matthew's Dad and I had a really enjoyable time time at the meet the parent/teacher night last night and having a look around your classroom. Have a great day today

    Phillipa (Matthew's Mum)