Saturday, February 4, 2012

Welcome to Room 4's 2012 Blog

Wow - I can't believe Week 1 is really over already!   

We have 23 fabulous students in Room 4 and I am looking forward to working and learning with them.  We will try to use this blog page a lot so please have a regular check to see what we've been learning.

Here is an slightly enlarged version of the photo on the school homepage.  What ARE the children holding?  Click on the photo to enlarge the image a bit more ...

All those little blue lines that look like a slightly crazy spiderweb are made up of one long piece of blue wool.  If we hold the wool firmly but carefully it is easy for everyone to be part of the group.  If we pull on the wool, we might get more for ourselves but we make it hard for others.  In Room 4 we are all connected, just like we are with the wool, because our words and actions affect others.  We are going to try really hard to choose words and actions that help and support others. 

Room 4 - you have already shown me that you can be awesome at this.  Lets keep it up.

The Star of the Week in Room 4 for Week 1 is a lad who is already showing himself to be a bit of a superstar with the Key Competency of RELATING TO OTHERS.  

Caleb is great at choosing words and actions that help others.  Go Caleb!!

We LOVE to read comments from readers.  So please do us a huge favour and leave a comment whenever you can.  

Hope to see you again soon.

Mrs B & all the crew in Room 4

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a fabulous looking bunch of kids you all are! I bet it's great being back at school and especially being big kids in Room 4! Yay!
    I am really going to enjoy keeping an eye on what you are all doing on this blog! Hopefully I will be able to pop in and see you all soon too - do I see some new faces in there?
    OK - off to feed Maisie!

    Lots of loves
    Ms Little