Sunday, February 24, 2013

Week 4 and LOVING it!

We welcomed Lori to our room today.  She and her little brother Sam have joined us here at Bradford and boy, are we pleased about that!

Room 4 had a little brainstorm this morning.  Wee decided to let Lori know about all the things which make Bradford special!  Here is the long list we came up with, can you think of any more?

  • The Japanese garden
  • iPads
  • our classrooms
  • our beautiful murals
  • futsal
  • all the sports we play
  • the teacher - especially Ms Little (I didn't pay ANYONE to say that!)
  • the new decks
  • the sliding doors
  • the new kids
  • our playground
  • Gill and the library
  • making friends
  • the chickens
  • all the cool trees
  • the tyre swing
  • the sunflowers in the vege garden
  • most of all... THE KIDS!!!!

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