Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome back!

Here we are.  The new Room 4!

We have Marnie and Joshua to welcome from other schools!  Kiaora boys, we are so pleased you are here with us!

Even though we have only been back at school for 3 days, we have done quite a lot already!

We visited Harold the giraffe in his caravan and learnt about how we are all different and unique.

We all decided how we wanted Room 4 set up.  We had to think about the best place for things to go, to make sure we had space and we could move around.

We have figured out our behaviour chart for Room 4 - more on that later!

We made a start on our identity boxes and self portraits!

Busy time!

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back indeed Room 4.
    It was great to see you again last Friday. Thank you for sharing what you already knew about insects. You worked so hard on your paintings and showed some of the new things you had learned about insects too.

    See you again sometime soon.

    Mrs B.