Thursday, May 13, 2010

Review of the Week!

What happened this week?
Reading, Breakfast Club, Discovery Time, we made playdough and jelly, Pasifika dancing and drawing and painting birds.

What went really well this week?
We did the science experiments really well, Josiah and Alyssa C did some amazing writing, the Circles played Rocket at Maths time adn the Allosaurus reading group are doing a great play!

What didn't go so well this week?
1 Some people were a bit noisy and didn't listen when we did art with Miss Goodwin.

2 We didn't do maths every day this week.

What can we do to fix it for next week?

We all need o remember that we need to show respect for teachers by listening and working quietly if that is what they want!

And next week we will be back to normal so we should be ok with maths!

How did this week go for you?

12 of us had a great week, 7 of us a so-so week and 1 of us, a not so good week!

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