Saturday, May 1, 2010

Room 4's weekly review

We have decided to start looking back at the week we have just had and use our thinking hats to discuss how it has all gone! Here is our first go, week ending Thursday 29 April!

The white hat - What did we do this week?
Rebecca turned 6, we played on the fort, Reading, new Writing groups, Miss Bennington was there on Monday, Groovy news groups, Maths, we swapped jobs.

The Yellow hat - What was great about this week?
Maths, Spelling, some people moved up to Level 4, Reading and writing.

The Black hat - What didn't go so well this week?

We were a bit noisier than usual and some people went down in their levels.

Using our Green hat thinking - new ideas - what can we do next week to change what didn't go so well this week?
We can keep an eye on Miss Little's 'volume control on the whiteboard, we can listen and practice at home.
People can think hard about being good and what they need to do to behave really well so they can go back up some levels.

Finally - Red Hat - How did we all feel about this week?
18 of us had an awesome week, 2 of us had a so-so week and 3 of us had a week that could've been better!


  1. Hi Room 4. I thought your blog had fallen off the planet - just joking!! Obviously you have all been really busy. What a great idea this is with the thinking hats. It is very interesting. I look forward to your next review. Enjoy your week :o)
    Michelle (Callum's mum)

  2. Hi Room 4! The thinking hats look great! I hope people are practicing them at home too. I am just looking at all the stuff Room 4 did last year when I was their teacher while it snows outside! I hope I can use the thinking hats more in my classroom in Cairo!
    Miss Twitchin

  3. It's really great to see that there was not much written down beside the 'black' hat, and a lot down beside the 'white' hat! Way to go Room 4! Ms. D x

  4. Hi Room 4

    I'm looking forward to teaching you on Friday. Here's something for you to think about until I get there...
    What am I?
    I can be hot.
    I can be cold.
    I can be a made into lots of different colours.
    I am very good for your brain.
    Not having enough of me can be a problem.
    Having too much of me in one place can also be a problem.

    Happy thinking Room 4.
    See you Friday :)
    Mrs Bennington

  5. great blog room 4! Kelli (Grace's mum)