Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Week 6


  1. Nice review Room 4. The interactive whiteboard looks like it can do some wonderful things. Is it tricky to use the pen and work your way around all the functions the board has??
    Michelle (Callum's mum)

  2. You will have Mrs. Bennington again tomorrow so I do hope you will not be 'rowdy'. It is tricky when we are stuck inside all day, but it has stopped raining so I'm sure you will get outside for a run around. I used the IWB with you on Friday and we looked at our school on GoogleEarth - yay! Ms D x

  3. You were definitely a lot less 'rowdy' on Monday Room 4. Your thinking hat worked - MUCH better listening.
    You all put in so much effort with your Anzac Biscuit Men & I was rapt with your Spoken Thoughts Out Loud. Awesome thinking Room 4.
    You're a pleasure to teach!
    Mrs B :)